Arundel High Junior On The Fast Track To Fame

Many teenagers dream of being in the spotlight, but few get to actually experience it. For Arundel High School junior Sydney Lint, however, the camera isn’t far off. Along with being a full-time student at Arundel High School, Lint has already developed an impressive career as a proclaimed actress, model and dancer.

As is the case with many entertainers, Lint got her start by learning from various professionals beginning when she was just 6 years old. At the Baltimore-based modeling and acting agency Starz 2 Be, Lint was able to gain experience in the field.

When Lint turned 13, her career began to truly take form. "I was booked by three agents in New York, and then I went to Los Angeles. That's when I started getting jobs," she explained.

Throughout the past several years, Lint has landed numerous gigs in various entertainment sectors. Perhaps her most notable experiences thus far have been appearing as a ballerina dancer in Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" music video and as working as a student extra on the network television show "The Good Wife."

Lint's real breakthrough came when she obtained the position as a host for "Reality Dance,” an anti-bullying television show based in New Jersey. "I mostly interview bands, actors and dancers from MTV, ABC, VH1 and Bravo,” she said. This production currently designs, produces and airs two television shows: Party Starters and D2XX Dance Too Extreme, both of which feature a series of various segments where kids from all walks of life come together for the love of dance.

Lint, along with other hosts from the program, has even had the opportunity to attend and interview participants from high-profile events such as the Jingle Ball Concert and the NFL Draft Party in New York City.

Though summer is usually thought of as a mellow, relaxing time for students, Lint’s upcoming plans are far from trivial. “I’ll be working on ‘Reality Dance’ all summer and I recently received confirmation that I will be shooting with Seventeen magazine next week,” said Lint. The photo shoot is for an article in an upcoming issue regarding how teenagers can deal with stress.

In the future, Lint plans on continuing to shape her career and create more opportunities that will allow her to reach her ultimate dreams. “My goals are to continue working on my acting and modeling career so I can make a living off of it and do whatever - whether it’s movies, commercials, TV shows or print,” she said. With the determination Lint encompasses now, her potential for the years to come is seemingly boundless.