Sydney Lint

Sydney Lint

Sydney LintSydney LintSydney Lint


A Lifetime of Acting


I began my acting career as a child in Baltimore, Maryland. After high school, I started getting acting jobs in the East Coast. I've always had a passion for performing and entertaining. I love being able to step into another characters shoes and give my own interpretation for their feelings and actions. 

Available for Projects


 I am available for on screen acting, modeling, influencing, and hosting. Please see my resumé for the details on my experience and skills. I also recently began production on an independent movie that I co-wrote with my collaboration group. To hear more about what I am up to, follow me on social media @sydneylint

Current Projects


For several years, I have been acting and model in different projects including commercials, short films, television, music videos and feature length films. As an actor and model I would love to continue growing and working with different productions. 


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Sydney Lint